DAMA & Sparsity


The Linked Data Benchmark Council, established as an outcome of the LDBC EU project, brings industry and users together for developing benchmarks whereby the state-of-the-art and advances in graph data management technologies can be assessed and directed.


Research topics related: benchmarking, data generation


SoMatch is a EU funded project with the objective to improve the competitiveness of European SMEs dedicated to fashion design and Textile & Clothing (T&C) sectors by providing an IT solution that will deliver reliable fashion trends estimations and forecasts of user acceptance for clothing designs.

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Research topics related: social networks, recommendation systems

Qeast Tetracom (FP7)

Enrich (commercially known as Qeast) aims at improving the search capabilities of websites by using query expansion graph based techniques (Guisado-Gámez et al. ICMR’14).

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Research topics related: knowledge discovery, recommendation systems

coherent paas FP7

CoherentPaaS EU project provides a full ACID coherent environment integrating NoSQL, SQL and CEP data management technologies, while allowing application developers to program using a simple and powerful programming model and query language.


Research topics related: query languages

it2rail H2020

The IT2Rail project is designed as the first step towards the long-term Shift2Rail 4th Innovation Programme “IT Solutions for Attractive Railway Services”. Its main objective is to enable the development of solutions providing a seamless travel experience by giving access to a complete multimodal travel offer.


Research topics related: social networks, recommendation systems

Tetracom (FP7)

The Scalable Community Detection on the Cloud (SCDC) project is based on an algorithm born form the conjunct work of DAMA-UPC and Sparsity. SCDC aims at understanding the structures and organisation of social networks.

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Research topics related: social networks

Cigo FP7

CIGO! is a cloud platform for Smart Cities and private companies with operational needs related to mobility designed to ease the assessment and deployment of mobility policies. Its core technology is FIWARE and the apps capabilities are powered by Sparksee mobile. The project is part of the frontierCities initiative.


Research topics related: mobility in smart cities, mobile


(TIN2014-57226-P, 2015-2017)

Computational Learning and Communication

Research topics related:

(TIN2011-27479-C04-03, 2012-2014)

Biological and Social Mining: Algorithms, Theory, and Implementation

Research topics related:

EU Network of Excellence PASCAL2

Research topics related:

(TIN2007-66523; jan/07-dec/12)

The goal of this project is to understand, study, and solve problems in new tecnological contexts created by the growth in resources (computing power, storage, and communication).In particular, the project focuses on two work areas.On the one hand, it deals with modelling, design, and verification of systems that typically work or can work in open networks such as Internet.On the other hand, the project studies the modelling, verification, and synthesis of large concurrent systems that typically are implemented in VLSI circuits, with especial emphasis on asynchronous systems.Even though these areas may seem disparate, in fact the set of techniques thay they use are the same to a large extent.

Research topics related:

(TIN2008-06582-C03; jan/09-dec/11)

Is a three-year long (2009-2011) project funded by the Spanish Ministry for Science and Innovation Its name is an acronym for Spanish “Symbolic Sequences: Analysis, Learning, Mining, and Evolution”.

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Research topics related:

Mcyt Coordinate Project ‘MOISES-TA’
(TIC2002-04019-C03, dec/02-nov/05)

Research topics related:

Mcyt Subproject ‘TRANGRAM’
(TIC2004-07925-C03-02, apr/05-mar/08)

Research topics related:

EU Network of Excellence PASCAL

Research topics related:

EU FP6 project DELIS: Dynamically Evolving, Large-scale Information Systems

Research topics related:

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